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. >> today there are thousands of workers building long lasting batteries and solar technology and wind turbines all across the country. jobs that weren't there four years ago. >> mitt romney meantime in virginia where the unemployment rate is lower than the national average. he ridiculed the president for his plan to create a new cabinet position a secretary of business. >> i don't think what we need is another government bureaucrat that supposedly knows something abouton creation. i think it would be helpful to have a president who understands job creation. >>> the new unemployment numbers come out in about 3 and a half hours. they expect 121,000 jobs created last month if that's the case. that is lower than the monthly aying we have seen so far this year. >>> thank you very much, doug, we appreciate it. >> there are new details about the benghazi terror attack including claims that the state department decided not to send a rapid response team. peter doocy is live with that story. >> the latest piece of the puzzle passing it on to the terrorists. they found letters that were drafted
technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. >> before fox and friends end said, we'll check with maria molina who is tracking sandep for us. hurricane sandy has continued to strengthen and maximum sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. it is shifting to the left and it will make landfall in central and southern new jersey tonight. sandy is a large storm system. you will start to see the impact later today some of you are feeling it in the midatlantic and long island, dealing with the wind that is picking up. sandy could have maximum sustained winds at 90 miles per hour. one of the big concerns is the storm surge. new york city is on the northern side of the storm . we could see storm surge of 11 feet. >> thank you for all of you joining us with special edition of "fox and friends". we started at 4:00 on the east coast. join us tomorrow morning as sandy makes landfall.
threat right now. experts from the coastal engineering from institute of technology. thank you for joining us. the most dangerous part of this storm is it sounds like is the storm surge. how significant is this? >> the storm surge is usually where you see most of the fatalities in these events. the water comes up typically so fast people don't realize the danger until it's too late. fortunately with this won the worst of it is behind us. >> so you think we are sort of out of the woods but nevertheless a lot of that water is still there. talk with us about the combination of the storm surge with these very high tides right now. >> a lot of times timing is the factor. this storm hit a period of spring high time. it made the conditions worse. all of the rain needs somewhere to drain to. if the tides say high there's nowhere for the water to go. >> there's nowhere for the water to go. some of this flows back into the ocean the long island sound et cetera and rivers. but it really saturated the ground. what happens then? >> well, people are going to have to deal with it for a little
are open right now. they need engineers people that can do technology, operations. the founder of the company himself. this is an initiative getting people back to work. >>> the next company could do a lot of people good because it has a lot of at home opportunity. >> disabled vet travens this is the biggest challenge for them because getting around is obviously difficult for many of them. they are looking to hire 2500 people by the end of the year. they do custom management solutions they help other businesses kind of run their businesses that can be at a call center so you can be working out of your home customer service calls you are at a computer that's it that's all your physical commitment. >> finally good news the bank in the banging industry doing more hiring. >> far go is won the banks that i have watched for years, 4500 jobs are available right now. thank you so much, cheryl. >>> we want everybody to know fox business network at noon ev eastern time today. if you have jobs available or if you have gotten a job through the segment on fox and friends please e-mail me fs
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)